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This is a place for all those family and friend's that want to know how Mayson, Jody and Paul are doing. Hopefully there will be lots of cute pics. So enjoy!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't shoot the messenger

Well.. obviously my reporting skills are not good enough. I don't even know why I bother. Well.. I guess I know.. I do it for the people. Yeah. Duh. Anyway did any of you have problems with me using the word veins instead of ventricles??? I thought not. We all knew what I meant anyway. I have to apologize for not getting the facts straight .. I'm sure you were all sitting there going.. gee I have no idea what she means. Yeah right. :P Neeeeeeeewayzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol As Jody (the momma) said.. he has not been tapped since the 16th. They took an ultrasound yesterday and I haven't heard the results but if everything looks good there he can go home as soon as he is taking full feedings by mouth. He is still being fed through the tube for about half of his feeds I guess. I think he just takes after his dad.. and now that he knows that he doesn't have to do any work for his food he's just like.. I'm not going to suck like a sucker... naaahhh. lol Just kidding Paul! These pics are from one of Mayson's baths. They are pretty recent maybe 5 days old. Enjoy.... not sure what's up with that one of Jody holding him.. I'll try to fix it. You may be able to tell that these are scanned pics. Get in the now.. that's what I say.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

4 lbs 12 ozs and counting...

Mayson is still doing great! He will hopefully be home in a few weeks. Like Jody mentioned in a comment Mayson had some ultrasounds.. for his liver and his brain. The one for his liver was fine and his head was pretty good the veins are still a little dilated but they weren't too concerned. He will have another u/s on his head on Tuesday. He still has not had to be tapped and I think it's been longer than a week so he's doing incredibly well that way. Jody and Paul are still up there everyday. I know they're really excited that he is going to be able to come home soon! It'll happen before we all know it. I think Curtis has posted some pics over on his flickr account.. so check em out!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jody and Mayson

I took these pictures the day after mother's day. Jody had a good mother's day although I know it was hard for her to leave Mayson. Paul bought her a nice necklace you can see it in the pics. Nice eh? I have to admit I was a little jealous.. you can see what I got in the pics.. nothing. haha Anyway.. enough about that. Let's talk about how great Mayson is doing. He is doing so well he is out of the isolette. He held his temp for 24 hours really well so he is getting out! Oh yes and he is also up to 4 lbs!!! They are waiting a week to tap his resovoir (I can never remember how to spell that stupid word). Well they are going to wait up to a week but it all depends on him. So far so good.. I think that means they would tap him again on Monday.. if I am not mistaken. Also when they tap him they are taking less fluid. Usually they take 10 cc per kilo.. but they are only taking 5 cc with Mayson because 10 seemed to be too much. Anyway he is doing really really well. It looks like all we've got to do is wait for him to come home. I know it couldn't be soon enough for Jody and Paul. Oh yes.. and let's not forget his brother Sammy and sister Daisy. They all can't wait. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 08, 2006

Just for You!

Guy Smiley
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Here is the picture of Mayson smiling again. Lightened by Jody's request. Sweet huh..

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Look at that dimple!

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Well.. he's a heartbreaker already. Just look at that smile. The photo is a little dark but I think you can tell how adorable he is.. even in darkness. Mayson had an eye test last Wed and his eyes look so good they probably won't do another test til just before he leaves the hospital. Jody wasn't sure on all the details.. but basically looks as if his retina is not detached and is developing normally. YAY! They are going to start tapping his reservoir every two days instead of every other day. This is great news too! He is also breastfeeding. He will be home before we know it! Can you believe it??

Little ... but big.

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Well.. it's more than official Mayson is over 3 lbs! He is as of today 3 lbs 2+ ozs. Look at his chubby cheeks! You also can't count his ribs anymore. He is so cute.. and looks like Paul and Jody. It just depends on the day. He's soo sweet.