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This is a place for all those family and friend's that want to know how Mayson, Jody and Paul are doing. Hopefully there will be lots of cute pics. So enjoy!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bad case of the lazy back

Sorry it's been a few days since I updated.. it's not because Mayson hasn't been doing well. He is actually doing really well. He us up to 2 lbs 12 oz. He will most likely be up to 3 lbs by the end of next week! I can't believe it. Anyway what else.. his hydrocephalus seems to be taking care of itself. They are tapping him now every other day and then they will start tapping him every 48 hours if that keeps going well. Then maybe every 3 days.. and so on from there. The Nurse Practitioner told us that that is a really good sign and usually when this happens that most babies do not have to have a shunt put in. So hopefully he will keep improving and will leave the hospital with only the resivoir in place. They would leave that in until they were sure that he didn't have to have a shunt. His eyes tests are still coming back with no signs of ROP. So he's still clear there! He also started trying to breastfeed.. he's doing okay but hasn't really latched on yet. He gets tired out pretty easily and only tries to do it for about 10 mins. Then he falls sound asleep on Jody's chest. I will post some new pictures later.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eye Test

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Mayson had his first eye test on Wed. and passed with flying colors. What they are looking for is called ROP. So far so good he will continue to be tested every two weeks until his retina is fully developed.

This picture is of Jody holding Mayson on easter.

Look, clothes!

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What a difference one pound makes! Mayson is getting some cute little chubby cheeks and look at his legs and arms! The kid is getting some meat on him! The nurse was laughing at me and Jody as we were talking about 'how fat his arms are.' I guess it's strange to call a 2 lb 6 oz baby chubby... but comparatively! I bought that blue shirt for him and when I got it I was shocked how small it was/is. It doesn't look so small on him right now but I know in a few months we'll all look back and won't remember him being so little. Okay.. well we'll remember him being small.. but not that small. :P

Paul got to hold Mayson today for an hour. Usually they worry about the babies getting too cold when they are out of the isolette but Mayson's temp actually went up when Paul was holding him. It's probably like laying on a bear rug.. I would imagine.

Next week Mayson will probably start trying to learn how to breastfeed. First with no or very little milk and then after he gets the hang of that they'll try w/ milk. They still tap his reservoir daily and will continue to do that for a couple of weeks.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Thanks for the comments!

I cannot believe that I didn't say anything abt Mayson's 1 month bday! Thanks for reminding me Dave.

Debi- Hey glad you're reading! Anyway no I'm not bitter at all. lol It was just funny because the first time my mom looked at the site she said.. 'uhh aren't you supposed to capatlize doctor.' I was just like why does it matter and I laughed. So then Jody saw the site for the first time on Easter and she says 'aren't you supposed to capatlize dr?' I just started lol and I said are you serious?? I thought it was a joke. Then Paul says 'Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.' So that was the reason for that comment! Let's see oh yeah I cannot take credit for that pic. Paul actually took the picture and I just did some things to it on Picasa! It is a beautiful picture though! I will get you a copy. If there was only some way.... lol

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Before I Forget

Mayson had a great easter! He received a nice easter basket from some volunteers at PCMC. He was too tired to care. Jody and Paul enjoyed the candy. Well Jody mostly. He also got an easter basket from his gma Claudia but what can you really get a baby so he got diapers and wipes. So Mayson had a really nice easter.

Thanks Heather for the comment! Very much appreciated. :)

ONE MORE THING! If you hadn't noticed I don't use a lot of punctuation and I don't capitalize everything that should be.. oh such as I don't know DOCTOR! I've had three ppl ask me why I didn't capitalize that. Basically I make sure the spelling is correct and that's it. So.... if anyone really cares you can edit what I write and I'd be glad to repost. I'm sure no one really cares so we'll just leave it at that. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Surgery

Well Mayson had his surgery yesterday. All is going really well. He us up to 2lbs 6ozs!! Can you believe it?? He had to be put on a ventilator during the surgery because of the anesthesia. They were able to take him off of the vent last night and he is back on the nasal canulas and he is doing really well! I will get some new pics of him today and definitely post those.

**BTW if anyone would like to leave a comment just click on the comment link and you can say whatever you'd like. Maybe if you have a question.. I'd be glad to answer or maybe you just want to tell Paul and Jody hi! Whatever it is.. leave me a comment!!**

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mayson Moves

Well.. Mayson has decided that he needed a change of scenery. He has moved to Primary children's hospital. He is still doing well but the reason for the move is that he has to have surgery for hydrocephalus. He will not have a shunt inserted to begin with they will just put in what they call a reservoir to see if by doing that it will solve the problem. His surgery will be on Monday.

Meet n Greet

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Mayson was able to meet the 'not on the listers' as Dave called them on Wed. Apr 12th. His visitors included Gma and Gpa Pierce, Pibby, Craig, Debi, Ian, Kyler, Dylan, Me (Jaycie), Faisal, Zara. He was wide awake and even managed a wave.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Mom and Mayson

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This is the first time that Jody was able to hold Mayson. April 5th. He was very calm and loved every second. So did she.

Paul and Mayson

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Paul was doing Mayson's cares and was able to hold him in the pod while they changed the linens.

Jody and Mayson

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This is Mayson at 1 week and 1 day old.

Mayson has reached the 2lb mark! Three days before his 1 month birthday. What a big guy! I'll post some pictures of the little chub later.

Sleepy boy

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Here is Mayson on the nasal canula April 9th. He was getting his cares done and was pretty mad and had just settled down when I took this picture.


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He was on what they call CPAP. His last day on cpap was Sat. Apr. 8th


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Mayson was on a ventilator for the first few days of his life but was able to get off of it rather quickly. I'm not sure of the exact date. In this picture he also had some edema which is why he looks fatter than he really is.

hook up

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This is a picture of all of the things that Mayson was hooked up to before he was taken off of the CPAP. Now he is only on a heart monitor and oxygen. Oh, and of course his feeding tube and I think there is one other thing. Anyway his pod looks really empty without all of that stuff next to it. It's a good thing!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It all started on March 13th when Jody went in for a regular checkup. She didn't know but was informed when she got there that she was to have her glucose test. She asked them if she would be able do it at her next appt but they told her she would be too far along and told her it had to be done today. So she took the test and then went in and talked to the dr. While she was there she told the Dr again about the pain that she had been having in her side. She had been telling the Dr about this pain for the past month or so. The dr kept telling her that most likely it was nothing.. if it was anything it was maybe a rib or her gallbladder or just discomfort from pregnancy. Jody had been having some swelling but nothing really bad and thought it was mostly from sitting at work all day. Her blood pressure was always normal. So she left from the dr thinking everything is okay.

Tuesday night the 14th she had really bad pain all night and didn't sleep. She went to work the next morning (Wed. 15th) and while she was at work she got a call from her dr. Her dr said that her blood platlets had come back low (80,000-- normal is 200,000 - 300,000) and it was possible she could have HELLP syndrome. She didn't know what that was. She did some research on the internet and then emailed me (Jaycie her sister) and my mom. She must've called Paul. She acted like it was not a big deal.. the rest of us were freaking out though. I think she was trying to keep us all calm. The dr told her she wanted her to come in that day after work and have her blood taken again and also they wanted to do a 24 hr urine test to see if she had protein in her urine. So she went and had the blood taken and talked to the dr again and again the dr told her that she didn't look like someone with hellp syndrome usually the women are very sick. She convinced me that everything was going to be okay. I told her to call me as soon as she got the results from the dr.

Well the night went on and it got to be about 9 pm and I thought everything was okay. No call. About 9:30 pm I got a call from Paul and he said that the doc called and wants them to go to the hospital to observe Jody. Immediately I was very worried. Jody's platlets were up at that time but only 90,000. She got to the hospital and were lucky to have a very great nurse Deeann. She checked them in just like a normal patient about to have a baby. We were all looking around the room like Jody is really not going to have to have a baby yet, right? Well it was serious.. Jody's liver enzymes were very high and getting higher every 6 hours when they took her blood. Her platlets were getting lower. Her life was in serious danger. Her liver could burst if left alone and then she runs the risk bleeding to death. It was a really scary time but all the time Jody stayed really positive and brave.

So Thursday the 16th they had started trying to get her body ready to deliver this baby otherwise she and the baby could die. They gave her some pills to soften the cervix as well as steriods for the baby's lungs. She was also on magnesium because she could suffer a seizure from the hellps. Things weren't really moving along and she went through Thurs night. Friday morning things looked better! Her platlets were up to over 100,000. Her enzymes were elevated but stable. They decided to stop trying to enduce labor. Friday was a good day. Early Sat morning though things started to get bad again. Her platlets went really low and her enzymes were up again. They decided okay that's it we've really got to do something. So they started with the pills again and pitocin. Things were moving along... but slowly. She was pretty much dialted to a 2 all day long. At one point they thought they were going to perform a c-section but much to everyone's relief said it was too risky and as long as she was stable to just let it happen. Everyone left the hospital that night thinking nothing much would happen she was still a 2 even til 1:30 am. Paul called me abt 1:50 am and said "We're having a vaginal birth!" I got up and got to the hospital as fast as I could. By the time I got there she had already delivered their perfect little boy. Paul was so proud. Proud of her and proud to be a dad.
Mayson joined us on March 19th at 2:06 am. He was born weighing 1lb 6oz and was 13 inches long. Mayson's original due date was June 18th. He was born because Jody was very sick with HELLP syndrome. Posted by Picasa